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Andrea Dozzi

Andrea is the oldest of the sisters but is definitely not in charge! She always says what’s on her mind and usually makes everyone laugh in the process. Andrea started playing Mandolin only a few short months ago but can’t seem to put it down.  She loves singing and entertaining people and always has a smile on her face.


Celebrity Crush

Robert Pattinson, Drew Fuller & Chase Crawford


Favourite Movie

Where to start….. Kindergarten Cop, Out Break, Taken, Ransom, True Lies & Beaches, Notting Hill, The Santa Clause (with Dudley Moore) & the Twilight saga and Harry Potter Movies. . .  Wow that was a lot. Prob missed out a million or so.

Favourite T.V. Shows

Charmed, Family Guy & Keeping up with the Kardashians

Favourite Food

Dozzi Fried Chicken, Crazy Fish Sushi, Creamy Pasta

What do you eat for breaky?

Rice Porridge…… Mmmmm yummy?????

Summer or Winter?


What is your star sign?

If you were stuck on a desert Island which sister would you eat first?

I’d rather starve myself