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Jesse Dozzi

Jesse is the middle sister and plays the guitar.  She loves being in the studio and writing songs, jumping from the guitar to the piano to the drums, or whatever instrument she can get her hands on.  Although Jesse is usually the one keeping her sisters in line, she will often drift off into her own little world of crazy accents and funny voices.

Celebrity Crush

Jake Gyllenhaal & Jay Hernandez

Favoruite Movie

Notting Hill, Love Actually, Crazy Beautiful, Walk the Line, While You Were Sleeping, Little Giants, The Santa Clause (with Dudley Moore) and any Danny Kaye movies

Favourite T.V Shows

Greys Anatomy, Charmed, Party of 5, Teen Mom, Awake, Once Upon A Time & Medium

 Favourite Food

Dozzi Fried Chicken, Pasta, Lollies in general, Crazy Fish Sushi

What do you eat for breaky?

A mix of different cereal’s in 1 bowl.  I am very adventurous

Summer or Winter?


What is your star sign?


If you were stuck on a desert Island which sister would you eat first?