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2020 was a hard year for everybody, so we couldn’t be happier to say “SEE YA LATER 2020!” We have a lot of plans for 2021 including releasing new music to the universe, so keep an eye and an ear out for new Dozzi tunes coming in the next few months!

Tis the season to be Grateful

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As Australians living in the U.S.A, we’ve only celebrated Thanksgiving a handful of times. But, we’ve loved every celebration and this year seems to be extra special. Like many people all over the world, 2020 has been full of unknowns, uncertainties and a whole of worrying about our tomorrows. For us, it has been no different. But because we’ve been given the gift of time this year, Dozzi’s 2020 has been full of new experiences, deeper appreciations and celebrating the simple things in life as well. We have never been as grateful as we are this year and we wish everyone out there a safe and happy holiday season <3

The World is a Truly Beautiful Place!

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As the world is opening up slowly, we are getting back into playing more and more shows. We were lucky enough to play at a wedding in Arrington, Tennessee this past weekend, and it was breathtaking. It feels great to get back to discovering new parts of this world, it’s a part of our job we love and have missed. Congratulations to the happy couple, thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Andrea’s Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to Miss Andrea Dozzi! Even with your extremely high decibel speaking voice, constant need to try and do an old school Mariah Carey vocal run, hands always near or in your mouth and your need to fill every silence…we wouldn’t change a thing. Don’t ever stop caring for everyone around you especially your family. We love you and life would be hella boring if you weren’t in it!!! Love your sisters <3


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Incase you didn’t know already know, we live in Nashville, TN but we are actually from Australia! We’ve been here in the U.S for about 4.5yrs now, and we love it, but we do miss a lot of things from back home. A little trivia for anyone reading this…


Candy – Lollies

Fries – Chips

Potato Chips – Chips

Sweaters – Jumpers

Flip flops – Thongs (this isn’t a joke!)

So since we can’t go back for a visit right now, we are bringing some of those comfort food to us!!! Mmmmmmm Starburst lollies (insert drool here).

Happy Pride!

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With so much going on in the world these days, you gotta find time to celebrate the wonderful things in life. Like love, joy and acceptance of all people. What better way to do it, then to jump in the air and wear bright colorful clothes in front of a rainbow wall! HAPPY PRIDE <3 #loveislove #lovealwayswins

New look?

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2020 has been a crazy year so far, but we’ve been using the extra time to work on our favorite thing… music! Our daily attire has changed from stage clothes and boots to pj’s and slippers, but hey, we aren’t complaining. When we do go out, we’re a pretty careful and make sure to keep our masks on, so the other day when we did venture outside, we decided to make a photo shoot out of it. This shot was the winner hehe! If you can’t laugh during all this craziness, then hopefully you can laugh at us. Stay safe everyone xoxo

Stairwell Sessions

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During this crazy time, we’ve found ourselves with some extra creative time that we don’t usually have. The stairwell sessions have become a favorite activity of ours and we’ve really enjoyed picking some of our most loved songs to sing for ya’ll. You can check them out on our socials and give us some new song ideas to play with!

CMT premieres “Worth the Wait” Music Video

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On April 15th, CMT premiered the official music video for “Worth the Wait” and we couldn’t be more thrilled! To be endorsed by the most influential Country Music platform really was a dream come true for three Aussie’s living in the U.S. Our two actors (real life couple Tess Erskine & Hayden Ralph “HayTess”) really brought this song to life, and to be honest, we all shed a few tears. A big thank you to the director Zack Dyer and assistant John Mokhtarei for bringing our vision to life and to CMT for playing it! With all the craziness going on in the world today, we hope this video makes you smile (maybe cry a little) and reminds you that no matter what you’re going through, it’ll all be… “Worth the Wait”!

You can read the full CMT article here:

Global APRA Music Awards 2020

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We were lucky enough to be asked to perform at the Global APRA Music Awards 2020 in Nashville, TN! It was a wonderful event at Clementine Hall celebrating the Australian music community who live in Nashville. The awards were hosted by the wonderful O’Shea and recognized APRA AMCOS members living on the East Coast of the U.S. We couldn’t be happier to have performed at this event and be a part of the celebrations!